Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Summary

Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12

Better Angels

walking dead season 2 episode 12The group holds a brief funeral for Dale. Rick asks the group to stay united, despite Dale’s claims that they are broken. Hershel becomes welcoming to the group, enabling all however Shane to relocate with him. Carl confides in Shane about his guilt in his participation in Dale’s death, where Rick comforts him and informs him that fatality is inevitable. Setting her suspicions aside, Lori likewise approaches Shane and informs her real sensations in an attempt to convince Shane that he still belongs in the group. Rick decides to spare Randall’s life at last, and leave him in a location far away from the barn. Shane takes Randall to a faraway place and eliminates him by breaking his neck. He then injures himself and go back to the group to make it look like Randall left. Glenn, Daryl, Rick and Shane look for Randall in the forest. Glenn and Daryl find and eliminate Randall again as a walker, however they are perplexed by exactly how he is reanimated without any walker bite or scratch. Rick meanwhile picks out Shane’s story and faces Shane, knowing that he prepares to murder Rick at last. The 2 say on who will be a much better dad and spouse, however Rick firmly insist that they lay their weapons down. Rick then rapidly draws a knife and eliminates a sidetracked Shane. Rick grieves his close friend’s fatality, and curses him for requiring his hand. Carl suddenly appears, surprised over Shane’s fatality, and appears to pull a gun on Rick. Rick asks Carl to lower his gun, although it is exposed that he was trying for an undead Shane, who, like Randall, has actually reanimated without a bite nor scratch. Carl eliminates the reanimated Shane, however a crowd of walkers hear the gunshot and advances towards their area.

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